About us & Our vision

The idea of building “Dreamy Nation” came into our head back in 2015, but we only managed to materialize it earlier this year, 2020.

Dreamy Nation – Custom T-shirts & Merch is an online fashion store that features t-shirts and various other types of merch that always come with custom neat, bespoke designs; and Design Service for our customers to convert their idea into a real product.

Before Dreamy Nation, we have always wanted express ourselves in a unique way, it’s often by wearing something bears a meaning, or tells a story, subtle or obvious. Upon learning about printing techniques and ecommerce platforms, we knew that we would be able to build a ‘dreamy nation’ – a place where we can help other people with the same interest as ours, in the most convenient way possible – online.

© July Brenda Gonzales Callapaza, Unsplash

At Dreamy Nation, we are starting to upload our own designs and seeking to team up with talented artists to feature their artworks on our t-shirts and merch. Moreoever, at the moment, we offer FREE Design Service to help you create a custom t-shirt/merch with ideas on it (your name, your text, …).

If you are interested, contact us via contact@dreamynation.com.